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Get started

Introduction and portal set up
1950 + VAT
  • Introduction and goal review workshop
  • Basic portal set up
  • 1 training session
  • 1 follow up support call
  • 14 days unlimited e-mail support
For all HUbs

Complete set up

Inbound consulting and complete portal set up
4950 + VAT
  • CRM process strategy workshop
  • Full portal set up incl. standard integrations
  • Automation & templates
  • 2 training sessions
  • 2 follow up support calls
  • 60 days unlimited e-mail and phone support
For all HUbs

Ongoing support

Expert HubSpot support on the go
130 /hour + VAT*
  • Ad hoc marketing & HubSpot support
  • Technical support & troubleshooting
  • E-mail and phone support
  • *Minimum of 10 hours per month for 3 months​
For all HUbs

Questions you may have

Yes. I work with everything from the free software to enterprise across the different product lines ( marketing, sales, service, CMS and operations).

My process varies slightly from case to case, but this is how it looks like for a typical project.

  1. We start out with an introduction call to decide if there is a good fit between your business challenges and what I do

  2. Assuming there is a good fit, the next step would be to have a one or two 45-60 min. exploratory calls to dive deeper into these challenges

  3. After this I will be able to present you with a project mapping as well as as the investment required from your side

  4. Assuming you’re fine with that, we’ll  kick off the project with a goal review call to clarify your goals with the project to better align expectations

  5. The next fews weeks would consist on me working on the project, perhaps with a couple of shorter calls with key members of your company to get input

  6. Once the work is complete, we’ll go over it together and discuss, and I’ll make the necessary revisions

  7. If possible, we run a sample test to validate the solutions, and if all is good, we ship, and if not, we will go back to the previous step

  8. You continue your work, and I’ll support as necessary over the next few weeks

The portal set up includes the following:

  • Consultation into importing data into HubSpot (from a .csv, xlsl, or xls file)
  • Branding set up
  • Create custom properties
  • E-mail integration set up
  • Pipeline set up

If you opt in for the Complete set up package to €1850, the portal set up will also include setting up standard integrations.

Absolutely! All of the companies I work are unique in their own way, and I always seek to tailor the solution to the individual company’s business needs.

If you have a specific challenge that you would like discuss,  fill out the form in the bottom of the page with information around what you need, and I’ll get back,  or book in an introduction call.

My core expertise and focus is HubSpot (Marketing, sales, service, operations and CMS hub) as I believe it’s only possible to master a few things. However, I also work with website development and digital marketing, and have hands on experience with many of the biggest software technologies in the market.

Generally, yes. However, it depends on which technology you want HubSpot to integrate with and what you need the integration to do. I’d recommend filling out the contact form with your requirements and I will get back within a few hours.

Yes. I can do migrations to HubSpot from other major CRMs such as Salesforce, Pipedrive,  Zoho etc. As the scope and complexity of a CRM migration can vary tremendously, I’d recommend you fill out the form with your requirements or book in call to discuss the project further

That’s fine. I can help you evaluate HubSpot and give you a second opinion on which HubSpot products will be right for your business, and if you decide to use HubSpot, even just the free version, I can help you get started.

No. VAT is excluded in the price and will be added if applicable.

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